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  • Food Freshness Experiment

    Put the newly baked bread in two separate glass jars, one with FAUCI AAPG Material, the other without. Add water to both jars to prevent the food from drying. After 7 days, the bread in the glass jar with Fauci AAPG Material appears to be intact while the bread in the glass without FAUCI AAPG Material is surrounded with large amount of bacteria and molds, a clear indication of FAUCI AAPG Material killing bacteria and molds in the glass jar.

    Toxicity Experiment

    FAUCI AAPG Material is put into a water tank with small fish. After 27 days, the small fish is still alive, suggesting FAUCI AAPG Material is harmless to small fish.

    Demonstration of FAUCI Disinfecting Robot

    FAUCI Air Disinfecting Robot is demonstrating its flour sweeping and air disinfecting functions in the real life environment. It's a very useful machine for business recovery post COVID-19.

    About Us

    Shanghai Fauci Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative company aiming at developing and providing air disinfection, purification and deodorization products to meet increasing demand of high-quality air by consumers around the world.

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